About Me

I am Zhaoqi “ZQ” Cheng, a PhD student at the Questrom School of Boston University. Before joining BU, I received my bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University and master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University. I work with my advisor Dokyun Lee at the BIT Lab.

Methodologically, I combine NLP models with econometric methods to explore large-scale datasets with text-heavy attributes in the context of technological innovation, in particular patents. I am currently on deep generative models related to the representation and characterization of computing patents.

Research Projects

InnoVAE: Generative AI for Understanding Patents and Innovation
Zhaoqi Cheng, Dokyun Lee, Prasanna Tambe
Presented at CIST 2020, INFORMS DS 2020 and WISE 2020
Submitted to Management Science [SSRN]

Do Aggressive Comments Bring Better Questions? Evidence from Stack Overflow
Zhaoqi Cheng, Dokyun Lee, Tridas Mukhopadhyay
Presented at DMDA & DS workshops, INFORMS 2019

FCM: Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration
Dokyun Lee, Emaad Manzoor, Zhaoqi Cheng (firstname α-β)
Under review at Information Systems Research [SSRN][Poster]

When Is It Permissible for AI to Lie? A Trust-Based Approach
Tae Wan Kim, Joy Lu, Kyusong Lee, John Hooker, Zhaoqi Cheng, Yanhan Tang
Presented at SBE Annual Meeting 2021 [arXiv]

Awards and Grants

  • [2021/08] Finalist of SBE Best Practical Solutions Award of 2021
  • [2021/06] SBE Annual Meeting 2021 Best Paper Award
  • [2020/12] WISE 2020 Best Student Paper Award
  • [2020/11] INFORMS DS 2020 Best Student Paper (Runner up)
  • [2019/09] CMU GSA/Provost Conference Funding ($750)
  • [2020/08] Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship (Nominated)
  • [2020/06] Google Cloud Platform credits for research (Co-PI, $5,000)
  • [2019/09] CMU GSA/Provost Conference Funding (Group member, $1,500)
  • [2018/11] Marketing Science Institute Research Grant (Co-PI, $10,000)

Teaching Experiences

  • [CMU 45-830] TA for Marketing Research (MBA course). Instructor: Jeff Galak
  • [CMU 45-851] TA for Data Mining (MBA course). Instructor: Dokyun Lee
  • [CMU 45-881/46-884] TA for Modern Data Management (MBA/MSBA course). Instructor: Yan Huang
  • [CMU 45-884] TA for Mining Unstructured Data (MBA course). Instructor: Dokyun Lee
  • [CMU 73-374] TA for Econometrics II (Undergrad course). Instructor: David Childers
  • [BU IS 465] TA for Managing Data Resources (Undergrad course). Instructor: Emine Kucukbenli
  • [BU IS 811] Co-designer and TA for AI & Data Ethics. Instructor: Dokyun Lee